May 2012

An overdose of steam tosses a disgruntled ghost back into the present. A successful brothel owner in her former life, Heidi Labeidi materializes in front of Edward Brady, an eccentric mad scientist.

Edward and Heidi become acquainted. He takes her out in public and discovers a shocking truth. No one else can see her. After a public catastrophe, Edward’s partner, Barron Capwell, shows up on his doorstep making demands. Relieved to discover his partner can see his houseguest, Edward considers what to do with the outspoken dead madam.

Heidi has a few ideas. A ghost is pretty assertive after thirty sexless years have come and gone.

Eager to please Edward and Barron, Heidi offers her assistance, but it comes at a price. Once the men realize she’s the only thing standing between their future and potential demise, Barron and Edward succumb to Heidi’s advances and she fulfills their every desire.

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