January 9, 2014

Steam City Pirates by Jim MusgravePat O’Malley Steampunk Mysteries:  Book 4

A Mind-Bending Fantasy SciFi. Steampunk Fiction at Its Best! A Must Read for Genre Fans.

Like Alice’s rabbit, a strange “mechanical-like man” leads 1869 New York Detective Pat O’Malley down into the world of steam power.  A group from the future calling itself the World Scientific Advancement Society for Progress is living secretly beneath Central Park.  These pirates are inventors whose only goal is to keep the Earth in the Steam Age in order to save it from a future nuclear holocaust.

In this new Steampunk Science Fiction book, five alien assassins from other universes are ordered to kill O’Malley and his group, and each alien has a unique ability to do the job.  As the Steam City Pirates build a steam-powered amusement park on Coney Island, O’Malley and his group are hunted down in the streets of New York City.  The future of the world is at stake in this mystery and adventure featuring a twisting plot, steampunk time travel, romance, steam men duels, crafty inventions, and monsters from other planets.

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