June 21, 2013

Steam City Gangsters by Aubrey M. SummersWESSON KILLROY: GUNRUNNER
Wesson Killroy is not a fu**-up. Jack O’Connell is. Jack is a stupid little fuck who only keeps his job because Mac is a sucker for a pretty face.
Wesson doesn’t get why Mac assigned Jack to help him process the most recent shipment of guns—Jack has never managed to be helpful in his entire life. This night, though, Jack outdoes himself. It’s almost like he’s trying to piss Wesson off…
Warning: This 7000 word story contains gunplay, anal penetration with a gun, explicit bareback m/m gay sex, blowjobs, sucking off a gun, and a relationship that walks the very line of hate sex.
ABOUT STEAM CITY GANGSTERS: Picture the cutthroat gangster underworld of the Roaring 20s with a sexy steampunk flair and a generous helping of zombies, then throw in a dash of erotica to spice up the mix, and there you have it, ladies and gents: Steam City Gangsters.
Steam City Gangsters is a series of interconnected erotic short stories set throughout the 1920s, featuring various citizens of Steam City as they try to survive a plague of the living dead.