February 14, 2015

Steam by D.S. ArnauldThe teens at Nexum House are worse than prisoners, they are ‘debtors,’ the youth of England forced to pay for their family’s crimes.

Conditions are harsh. The hierarchy among the workers is rigidly enforced. And the guards perform terrible experiments on the weakest of the population. Few of the children survive, and none is foolish enough to fall in love.

When Amelia arrives she sparks the fire of revolution. Daughter of a gambler and a scientist, the 16-year-old wants revenge for her parents murder. But not just against the killers. Amelia wants to start a catalyst that will change the world. She is highly intelligent, utterly determined, and extremely angry.

Set in a world of goggles, gears and clockwork this is coming of age story unlike any you have ever seen. From the imagination of D.S. Arnauld comes an adventure sure to please fans of both YA and Steampunk.