May 6, 2014

Steam and Shadows by Jonathan YanezThe Steampunk Files:  Book 1

Eighteen-year-old Jack Walker has followed in his father’s footsteps his entire life. Living as a hunter and tracker in the Outland has made him hard and resilient. But something is about to happen that will rip him from a world so simple and primal and cast him into a realm ruled by machines, politics and lies.

Queen Eleanor Eckert has sent for Jack and his father. As famous trackers the Queen of New Hope has need of their unique skills. A cry for help has reached her ears. A plea from a small city named Burrow Den were a creature of unknown origin is loose and the body count is rising.

Now equipped with the latest in steam powered technology the two trackers
are paired with a relentless female captain and an inspector with a dark past. What Jack doesn’t know is that solving the mysterious origin of the deadly creature will pit him in the middle of a lethal game. A game where success is finding out how deep the rabbit hole really goes and failure means death

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