Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodnight!

It’s been a blast doing this blog takeover! The Coffee Time Romance mods have been so great and gracious. I just wanted to thank them so much for this opportunity to share myself and my works with all of you (and them!). It’s a rare treat to get to connect with people like this in Pandemic times. Though I’m an introvert and lose my battery quicky at cons, I do miss them so. Doing blog takeovers is kinda like having my own booth at a neverending con for a day, and that’s super nice.

So, thanks once again for tuning in, hanging out, and making my book launch for Bastion Academy: Malware a super fun day.

If any of this interested you, you can find me in many different places.

Astralscribe.com is my blog where I post usually once, sometimes twice a month. You can also sign up for my newsletter to get monthly updates and a free short story set between Bastion Academy years one and two, here: http://subscribe.astralscribe.com/bastionsubs

On Facebook you can find me @theastralscribe, or you can drop me a line at contact@theastralscribe.com.

Thanks again my dudes. Have a great week!

~J.D. Astra