July 1, 2015

Slave of the Sky Captain by JM GuillenA steampunk action adventure set in a cursed, post-apocalyptic world

Ysabel never worried about much, except of course the bloodstorms that plagued her home and the abominations that dwelt within them. Fortunately for her, her father was a man who always had a secret plan. In this case, his plan was to gamble until he made enough money to steal them both away to the distant city of Teredon. There, they would be safe from the gloaming darkness.

Sometimes, plans go awry.

After making an impossible choice, Ysabel is carted away for a lifetime of servitude and slavery to hard-eyed and bestial men. She despairs, understanding the horrifying uses that men find for young slave girls.

The rest of her life will probably be spent as a plaything for savage sky pirates, and it seems as if there’s nothing she can do.

Soon things take a decidedly strange turn. When she is bought by the enigmatic Captain Argent, she is certain she knows what he will want. But the Captain has plans of his own, incomprehensible designs regarding ancient magics and rituals that somehow involve Ysabel. It seems that he may hold secrets that can save their benighted world, and she may be a component in an alchemy that is older than recorded history.

But then Ysabel finds a darker path.

When worshipers of ancient and faceless powers realize what her Captain plans, they execute a devastating attack and steal Ysabel away. Soon she is alone in the deep-ruins of her city, surrounded on all sides by cultists who are tainted and mad. Now away from everything she has ever known, Ysabel must discover if her Captain’s claims are correct. If they are, she may be able to drive back the darkness, at least for a time.

If they are not, it seems as if she and Captain Argent will never leave the city alive.