January 2019

The Viper and the Urchin #3

A complicated mission.
A team of misfits that just don’t get along.
What could possibly go wrong?

The team:
A skinny pickpocket with dreadlocks and a big attitude.
A foppish assassin with a fear of blood
An elite fighter, master of the sardonic raised eyebrow.
A smuggler with a drinking problem and a propensity for brawling.
And a no-nonsense, heavily tattooed machinist, trying to keep them all in line.

The mission:
Free a Damsian inventor kept prisoner in the distant city of Azyr.
Spark a rebellion to remove the half-mad tyrant ruling the place, and while they’re at it, end slavery in Azyr.
And do it all without getting killed, shackled into slavery, or arguing.

The latter is proving most problematic.

This latest instalment of The Viper and the Urchin series will make you have fun. Lots of fun.