March 5, 2014

Sky Pirate:  Safe Harbor by Finnegan H.H. RiordanFinnegan O’Riordan isn’t your usual pirate airship captain. In a world of burly, salty sea dogs, he’s a small, nicely dressed gentleman. And it’s no secret amongst the other pirates that he wasn’t always a man. In a time when being transgender was unheard of, Finnegan felt no choice but to be true to himself. Equipped with a Rejuvenating Elixir that keeps his body masculine and his pirating skills, he purchases his own ship, the Safe Harbor, and is determined to make her just that. With a crew of made up of another transman, an automaton surgeon, a cross dressing cook and other misfits, the Safe Harbor takes to the skies. Follow in Finnegan’s adventures as he proves himself to the rest of the pirate world and takes his revenge on the crew who tried to kill the man he loves.

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