June 24, 2014

Sky-Island 1827-E by Richard RaleyThe 13th Sky Watcher has been given the most important mission in the Clocker War. A mission without personal glory. A mission not of sharpguns, rolling landships, or thundering cannons, but of telescopes, mathematics, and watchful eyes.

Alone in the wilderness, with only a few miles of floating rock to call home, they have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, and no hope for relief if things go wrong. Daily, the Clocker Triumvirate launches rockets across the skies to rain down on the homelands and colonies of the Democratic League. The only advanced warning, the only hope that the rockets may be intercepted, comes thanks to the 13th’s constant vigilance.

Yet when a mysterious, slow-moving dot appears in the sky, Captain Benjen Rahjain knows that this time telescopes won’t be the answer to the 13th’s problems.

Pick up a gun, boys, sharp or blunder! The Clocker War has found us at last!

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