September 2017

The Memory Thief Series Book 5

Alternate history steampunk with a Japanese flavor.

Imagine the Victorians had rediscovered spaceflight. Would the British really be interested in the small island of Japan during the Meiji era on Earth when they could instead occupy an entire Japanese planet instead?

Sumiko is a descendent of colonists from Earth’s Asia, whose ancestors came to the planet Aynu-Mosir during the world’s first era of spaceflight millennia ago. After thousands of years of peace, her planet is in danger.

Orphaned and alone after her people are annihilated by terraforming starships, a young native girl struggles to survive and rebuild her home. When she falls in love with a woman from the stars, she must decide if she’s willing to risk dishonoring herself, her family and her people’s traditions to save not only her love, but all of her people, from the merciless destruction of her world by the outsiders.