February 18, 2014

Shark Bait and Other Stories by Andrew Michael ScharzShark Bait and Other Stories presents four distinct glimpses of noir fiction in this and other worlds. Steampunk fantasia, fembot legal rights, a demon possessed hero and a wicked foster home combine to make an anthology of the dark, strange and unforgettable

Shark Bait follows anthropomorphic shark Detective John Harlow, of the Psychic Crimes Division, through the dystopian neighborhood’s of St. Warfield where he must find the source of an hysterical outbreak of Vanity Sickness. Mired in a dark web of religious occultism and mad, steampunk science Harlow is challenged to uphold his own code of conduct long enough to solve the mystery.

Robot Murders explores the definition of crime through the advent of life-like fembots used, not only for sexual gratification, but for the sating of violent tendencies. Crime stats are down because the victims are classified as property.

In Carnival Man, ghost detective Thomas Bradshaw must exorcise the spirit of a mass murderer from a small town in the Midwest, crossing “the veil” for a different kind of possession.

Foster Care tells the story of how three children solve the problem of an abusive home.

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