Where Shadows Reign
Ghosts of the Scattered Kingdoms

Ghosts of the Scattered Kingdoms

Series: Where Shadows Reign, Book 1
Genre: Science Fiction

Flintlock fantasy and post-apocalyptic sci-fi collide in this tale perfect for fans of Steven Erikson and Brian McClellan.

Once a place of magic and modern industry, the old empire has fallen into ruin. The remaining patchwork of torchlit bergs are full of unrest and followers of the Enemy. Arium Black, the Rebellion’s best man, has dedicated his life to bringing down these foul agents and their familiars. In return, they killed everyone he cared about. It’s a bloody game they’re playing, but it’s one he means to win.

When he returns to his safe house in Pehat’s Berg, however, he discovers the Enemy may have gained the upper hand. There are agents in the Berg, looking for him. Thus, begins the longest night of Black’s life.

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