An organ donor = a zombies best friend!

As you should know the Zombiepunk Series started at the beginning of this year and it is going strong. What is zombiepunk?

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Zombiepunk is a world of zombies, steampunk, love, woe, and kick butt battles with voodoo queens. And who am I? Well I am Esther Wheelmaker (AKA Elizabeth J Kolodziej) and I love the old Victorian times along with the mad scientist experiments that steampunk allows me to do. But what about the cover? Well what about the cover?

Some authors have it easy. They don’t have to do a darn thing when it comes to the cover of a book. Which, has it’s pluses and minuses. However, I honestly love creating my book covers! It’s all about looking at the covers coming out and figuring out what is new and popular. For the zombiepunk’s first book Gravely Inanimated, I decided to make Miss Lucy Knight look innocent and lady-like. Why? Because it was the beginning of the series and she is innocent. But what really goes into making a book cover? It’s all about: positioning the models correctly, picking the right clothing, the best background and of course the best photographer for that book cover.

For book 2 in the zombiepunk series, Dealing Death, I first had to think of what I could add to catch the readers eye. What better than a smexy man to play Aeron and be on the cover with Lucy! Who is this man? Well your going to find out in this blog post! It will be the first appearance of Aeron! The full cover release will be at the end this year/early next year and it is going to be a good one!

So after finding Anthony Ventura and Amanda Desouza to play Lucy and Aeron I had to find a photographer. BOOM! Amanda recommends Roy Burmeister, an exceptional photographer that has his own studio and is a wiz with backgrounds and photo shop. What is even better about Roy is I don’t have to find a graveyard like I did last time. He can sketch it out and put one in himself! Take a look at one of his pieces.






How amazing is that!

photo-220So, after finding the models and photographer I of course had to make the bustle for Lucy myself. Now this was a lot of fun because it was my first time coming up with anything so intricate. To the left is a sneak peek at Lucy’s costume!

However, I did have Steampunk Works help by letting me borrow the corset and leather pants Amanda is wearing. ::grin:: Lee is a pleasure to work with and without her help with the book covers I might not ever have just the right costumes.

So, I have the models, the photographer, the clothing…What else? Oh yeah, figuring out between four schedules the perfect date and time. Well for me I had October 20th HOWEVER that got pushed up to the 12th of October. What was I to do? Roll with it and scrounge to make sure I have everything else I need. For instance, the mask Aeron might wear is something I got from AC Moore and spray painted. The pants were going to be leather but I had to settle for dress pants and the wig was either a yey or a nay. Total nay once Anthony walked in with the mutton chops though! lol.

Than the day comes and we all have to get this book cover rolling! Well it was a beast and a half to do but it was tons of fun! There is no greater pleasure than having it out of the way though. Now comes the fun part! After going through cover after cover to decide on positioning, I have to decide which photograph from the shoot is just right. Thanks Goldielocks! It took my all of Sunday and going through over a hundred photos to find just the right four.

But you might be asking … WHAT DOES AERON LOOK LIKE???? Ok, ok, I will show you….



Smexy just like I said… and look at that killer arm!

So which did I pick for the cover? Well, that’s the best part. In November I will be holding a contest. Everyone that enters the contest will have to vote for the best cover out of three pictures. This will be hosted on my website It is going to be tons of fun and the prizes will be grand. I hope to see you there!

PRIZE UPDATE:  Congratulations to Mary and Sandie who are our randomly selected winners!

Hugs and Corsets,

Esther Wheelmaker

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