Steampunk and Erotic Romance are a Good Match

Since I love to write Steampunk and I already write erotic romance, I thought blending them into one fun bundle of entertainment was a great idea. Steampunk, in case you don’t know this new genre, is semi-historical fiction based in a world powered by steam. Most Steampunk takes place in the 1890’s. There is room in this genre for just about anything or any crazy invention you can imagine. The clothing is period based and opulent and the manners and voice of the inhabitants true to the times.

My most recent books are the anthologies Erotic Flights of Fantasy Book I and Book II. Book I is filled with fairies, elves, vampires and hot romance. Book II contains Steampunk stories as well as erotic romantic fiction based in dystopian worlds. The books are anthologies published by Torrid Books and available at and

My next book, also published by Torrid, will be out in July and is the first of a three-part series called the Saga of the Steampunk Witches. The first book, Flight of the Zeppelin, is slated to be released July 1. Twin sisters, cursed by an evil Pharaoh, search for a cure for their curse through Steampunk New Orleans. Bryn Sahir can never find love without killing the one she loves and her sister, Fenix, lives to be thirty when she bursts into flames and is reborn a baby in the ashes. Bryn has been caring for her sister for over a thousand years. Each has special powers which they use to battle their evil nemesis Draak Priest and hunt for a cure to their curse.

I’m a full-time writer retired from work as a reporter. I live in St. Augustine, Florida with my dogs enjoying the sunshine and long lazy days after the writing is done. My erotic romances are published under the pen name Melanie Thompson. Look for Erotic Flights of Fantasy out now at and coming in July, The Flight of the Zeppelin.

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Erotic Flights of Fantasy by Melanie ThompsonErotic Flights of Fantasy takes you on an erotic safari through different times, different places and alternate realities. Elves, vampires and crazed inventors fill stories set in the past and the future, with sexual adventures of every kind. Sit back and be prepared to be amused and aroused by these sexy little bites. Each story is complete in itself and sure to titillate your fancy.

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