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Today we celebrate S.B.K. Burns’ new release, Entangled, a paranormal romance with steampunk elements (scientific history year 1717, technology: lenses and telescopes):

What Entangled is about:


What it means to a provocative witch of the 21st century who dares travel to a brawny Scottish mathematician of the early 18th.


For four years, Dawn Jameson, studying toward her doctorate at the University, has been posing as an unemotional and self-disciplined upper-class psychology major.

Now that she’s this close to earning a degree that would permit her membership in the collegiate upper classes, her attraction to Taylor Stephenson, an Olympic-class weight lifter, threatens to expose her as an emotional member of the underground hacker class.


When Taylor is coerced by his revered upper-class brother to spy on Dawn’s past life regression classes, he risks his exposure as a less-than-objective academic. One second too many of Dawn’s mesmerizing regression techniques and he’s dreaming himself into the past, entangled with the smart and beautiful young woman in both the present and a past life he never knew he had.

Entangled by Susan BurnsENTANGLEMENT

Can Dawn be sure Taylor is more attracted to her than the unreserved Lily, her past life? Is he a typical upper-class jock to whom love is a word of convenience, rather than an emotion traveling to the very core of his existence?

Dawn and Taylor become the epicenter of a time quake, unable to escape their sexually obsessive past, until Taylor’s brother, a celebrity physicist (think Stephen Hawking), rescues them in his quantum computer.

With three ways into the past—past life regression, lucid dreaming, and the quantum computer—their timeline is in knots. Outside the tangled loops of time, one or the other might never have existed. For their love to survive, against all his beliefs, Taylor must allow the town of Musselburgh, Scotland to burn Lily as a witch.

Might there be a fourth and safer way out of the past?

Additional teaser: 

It’s out there . . . if you want to know the truth.

Ever wonder why we only hear about great male scientists from the past?

Check out who did their funding and who did their alchemist grunt work.

Move over Mileva Einstein, you may not be the only great female scientist robbed of recognition.


Read an excerpt from Entangled here:


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My writing:

I love to read historical romances and with two advanced engineering degrees, how could the geek in me not want to write something bordering on steampunk?

The books I’m contracted for or soon to be released are:

Sci-Fi Romance, Getting Them Up,

release date by Whiskey Creek, July 15, 2013


Paranormal Romance, Entangled. 

release date by Black Opal Books, September 21, 2013


Urban-Fantasy Romance Series, Legends of The Goldens,

release by Soul Mate in 2014.


My Work-In-Progress is a continuation of the theme of Entangled.

It’s called Fly Liike An Eagle and it suggests that the Q (the crystal quantum computer of 1717 from Entangled) rescued the Piscataway American Natives, and others from the persecuted Algonquin tribes to a Victorian location out of time, Piscatawnia, England. The original year is 1824 and the place/time is the establishment of the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, PA.



TheUnionOfOpposites.com (scientific philosophy and personal cosmology)


Susan BurnsAuthor Bio:

From an early age, S. B. K. Burns recited Shakespearean sonnets or snuck a read of a Broadway script from her parents’ theater magazine.

Having worked in the world of science—oceanography, biomedicine, and aerospace engineering—she brings these experiences to her sci-fi paranormals imbued with her idealistic philosophy that merges science with spirituality.


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