September 2012

Rescue from the Baron by Lara NanceAirship Adventure Chronicles:  Book Two

Lady Arabella Trunkett’s adventures continue as she seeks to rescue Rett after he’s kidnapped in Moro. Bounty hunters, eager for the fortune offered by the Baron, spirit Rett to the smuggling king’s hidden compound.

Belle and her friends sail Rett’s airship in pursuit, knowing he will never escape without help once he’s with the evil Baron, deep in the dangerous Nabu Rainforest.

She is faced with a perilous journey filled with larger than life man-eating beasts. In the end, she must outwit the equally blood-thirsty and ruthless Baron who is intent on making a lesson of Rett with the worst possible death. And if she doesn’t succeed, she’ll be the next one to die.

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