April 2014

Quicksilver Soul by Christine D'AboThe Shadow Guild Series:  Book 2

Archivist   Emmet Dennison has fallen from grace. Instead of extracting the memories of the   dead, he finds himself assigned to protect Nicola Tesla, a woman who is as mad   as she is brilliant. Each moment they are together challenges not only his   beliefs, but jeopardizes his future with the Guild.

Nicola Tesla hasn’t   met a man like Emmet Dennison before-intelligent, insightful and full of anger.   Despite her curiosity, she has no desire to pursue a relationship. Her life is   her work and no distraction, no matter how attractive, will get in her way.

Thomas Edison intends to grow his   influence and take control of New London’s underbelly. When Nicola and Emmet are   kidnapped by Edison and become pawns in his plot, their feelings for each other   grow. Edison unleashes his creations on New London, putting Nicola in danger and   forcing Emmet to choose between saving her life or saving his soul.

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