June 2012

Private Investigation by Fleur T ReidIf you enjoy Anything He Wants by Sara Fawkes, or His Every Desire by Kelly Favor, then this book might just be for you! Make this one of your top romance novels of the year!

In a Victorian world of clockwork and conspiracy, private investigation gets personal…

In another London, not entirely like our own, Miss Elizabeth James is one of the new Victorian working women.

She answers an advertisement placed by inventor John Dermott for someone to bring order to the life of his companion, flamboyant private detective Lucien Doyle.

She can sort out the shocking state of his paperwork, but the weird contraptions and unexpected explosions weren’t on the curriculum at the Metropolitan School for Shorthand. And while she can type, file and take dictation, she didn’t expect to have to take a string of apparently motiveless murders in her stride. She’s an expert at finding lost files, but how does one deal with the lost souls of the bewildered dead?

Lilly’s life becomes even more confusing when she discovers that Lucien and John plan to do a bit of very private investigating—of her person.

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