December 2012

Phantom Hearts by Chris Michaels and Reema FarraPart 1: Bound (A steampunk fantasy)

Airships, tanks and clockwork automatons chew through the Ilsa, threatening the balance between science and sorcery. Takers of the Dead clear more and more bodies. The Grey Wolves hunt anyone using Majick.

Hannah doesn’t care about anything besides Jason, her forbidden lover. Though she is a slave, and he an Ilsan noble, they meet at night and dream of the time they can run away together. Then the news comes. Hannah refuses to believe it. When she sneaks into his funeral, Hannah is unknowingly plunged into whirlwind of black-market majick and rogue spies. Then she meets Travis, a stranger with dark secrets, who promises to lead her to a secret cult of necromancers where she can bring Jason back.

In this steampunk-fantasy told in pictures and words, Hannah Blue will follow Travis anywhere, do anything, pay any price to find the outlawed majick to be with Jason again.