September 2012

On the Matter of the Red Hand by JM. GuillenIt is night in the steampunk city of Teredon, and it is raining. In the shadows, a lone man stands, watching a mystery unfold across the street. He has been guided here by strange visions- visions that seem to senselessly whisper of horror. Visions asking for justice.

Those visions guides him down a narrow path. Here, surreal, dreamy images lead to the Scarlet Cellar- a haven of criminals that seem untouchable by the hand of the police. Soon, the mystery takes a sharp turn. There is a missing girl- and her angry, powerful brother. Each is another step down a twisted road that leads to forbidden alchemies and experiments in horror, hidden in plain sight.

In a city powered by steampunk technology, he is the only one who can understand the true horror of what is happening.

He is Thom, the Judicar. In two days, his visions will be gone.