March 2012

Nocturne by Elaine CorvidaeNovella. After the king she loves sets her aside for another woman, Anne Greensward must submit to an arranged marriage in a barony far from the court. On the way to meet her new husband, she encounters a masked highwayman known only as Nocturne, who first saves her life—then promptly steals her dowry.

The king and court consider the dashing bandit to be nothing more than a villain and a traitor. But away from the glittering world of the palace, Anne begins to see the truth: the common people are suffering, and Nocturne may be the only man who can bring them justice.

When she learns of a plot to capture him, Anne must choose between the chance to regain her place at the king’s side, a quiet life with her new husband, or Nocturne—a man whose face she has never seen.

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