July 29, 2015

New Season by Jason KentSurvive the Challenge.
Adapt your Strength.
Discover your destiny.

Sparrow, a Link Sprite able to jack into any virtual world, didn’t ask to be upgraded. She needs to find out what she’s supposed to do with her abilities to control the steam-powered world around her. Sparrow might not have signed up for these skills when she went to work for the Stellar Union Marine Corps, but she’s determined to explore the outer boundaries of her new talents. The Sprite, with a team of marines and archivists battle relentless aliens across war-torn planets and through deep space. The prize? The Aether Source and its promise of unimaginable power. Through her quest, Sparrow survives the challenges thrust upon her, adapts her new strength to save her friends, and discovers the Sprite she was destined to become.

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