October 1, 2013

My Lady Quicksilver by Bec McMasterLondon Steampunk Series, Book 3

Determined to destroy the Echelon she despises, Rosalind Fairchild is on seemingly easy mission. Get in. Uncover the secrets of her brother’s disappearance. And get out.

In order to infiltrate the Nighthawks and find their leader, Sir Jasper Lynch, Rosalind will pose as their secretary. But she doesn’t count on Lynch being such a dangerously charismatic man, challenging her at every turn, forcing her to re-evaluate everything she knows about the enemy.

He could be her most dangerous nemesis – or the ally she never dreamed existed.

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CTRR Award

The details conveyed through the pages allow the reader to become immersed in the story. The immersion is so complete one can almost see the steam and hear the clanking of metal. The characters are so strong one can clearly see how survival is possible and makes the attraction a living breathing animal, which refuses to be chained. The mystery and struggles provide a vivid picture and intriguing story for the reader to enjoy. My Lady Quicksilver has a taste of paranormal, shifter, steampunk and romance all stewed in a recipe to be savored and not rushed through. Readers will find they are incapable of putting the book down or forgetting the impact the story and characters will make.


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