July 16, 2015

Miss Annabel Lee and the Clockwork Wolf by Malinda MockingbirdThe Clockwork MacGuffin: Book 1

Short story. To the people of the tiny Middle Prairie town of Persistence, Annabel has been the schoolmarm for the past four years, a sweet spinster somebody ought to find a husband. When a freak cyclone brings down an airship and its handsome captain, her students think the gravely injured man could be the answer to her prayers.

But Annabel hasn’t always been a schoolmarm. And Captain Nicholas Blackwood wears the uniform of a Dragonfly, the elite supernatural police force of the City she fled. Using skills she swore four years ago to forget, she knows she can save his life. But if she does, he could turn into a werewolf and slaughter them all. Or worse, he might drag her back home.