July 31, 2013

Mirrors and Magic by Katina FrenchThe Clockwork Republics: A Steampunk Fairy Tale


Neve Bianchi has always lived in the shadow of the big top, haunted by the death of her father, the famous magician Giovanni “The Magnificent” Bianchi. But Neve has discovered something that may change not only her fate, but the destiny of Lang & Perrault’s World Famous Circus. Can she trust the charming Prince of Blades? Or will the wicked Queen of the Air win in the end?

Mirrors and Magic is a steampunk retelling of Snow White set in a traveling circus just after the turn of the century in the Clockwork Republics. The Clockwork Republics series is set in an alternate history where the American states never united and where alchemical magic and clockwork marvels create a world of wonder.

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