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I’m Richard Levesque, and I’m glad to be guest blogging here at Steampunk Coffee Time Romance and More. And I’m especially glad to be here on the day of my latest release. Today, readers are able to get their hands on The Double-Time Slide,  Book 2 of The Crossover Case Files, the new dieselpunk series I’m very proud to be introducing to you and everyone else here at Coffee Time.

A chance encounter with a burlesque dancer drags Jed Strait into the sleazy alleys of Los Angeles, where he finds the police following a string of murders along a path that will lead them straight back to his assistant.

But Jed’s efforts to unravel the truth and clear Carmelita’s name are frustrated when his witnesses keep turning up dead. Is the killer onto him? Could Carmelita be playing him for a fool? It’s all on the line as Jed races to find the killer – whoever it is – before he himself becomes the sour note at the end of The Double-Time Slide.

New to Dieselpunk?

I’ve written a little overview of the genre for you here and given you some examples of the ways the hardboiled science fiction detective fits in with other science fiction ideas. I also hope you’ll check out my Crossover Case Files page to get a look at Book 1 in my series, The Blacktop Blues, as well as the third installment, The Shakedown Shuffle, now available at the pre-order price. There’s also a link to a free short story.

Want to Know More?

My first novel, Take Back Tomorrow, came out in 2012–a time travel story set in 1940 (and a few other time periods). Since then, I’ve written cyberpunk, urban fantasy, historical, post-apocalyptic YA, and more dieselpunk. I’ve always found stories and films about Los Angeles in the 1930s and ’40s to be fascinating, and I’ve been a fan of science fiction for as long as I can remember, so it only made sense that when I started writing, I combined my love of old LA with stories about time travel, aliens, and technology gone wrong.

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Thanks for reading this far. As a way of showing my thanks to the readers at Steampunk Coffee Time Romance and More, I’m giving away a signed copy of the first novel in The Crossover Case Files, The Blacktop Blues. This contest is open only to entrants with a US postal address. To enter, just leave a comment below before 11:59 PM on March 4, 2021. The winner will be selected randomly.