December 23, 2012

Master of the House by Michael J. AlbertLegacy of Shadow

Julian Hitchings is offered the opportunity to take control of one of Seaside’s notorious criminal gangs with all the wealth, prestige, and danger the position offers. Aided by his oldest friend, two dangerous and desperate refugees from the north, and a cunning but unbalanced councilor, they are successful beyond all imagination.

Their success brings about the revelation that all is not well in Seaside. A sinister evil is growing in the heart of their city, and their actions may have been enabling it all along. Ancient debts are coming due, and Julian alongside his comrades must break through the veil of deceit before they are manipulated down a path from which there is no escape. Failure will leave them as unwitting pawns in a game where the stakes are their very souls. With enemies on all sides, Julian resolves to take whatever measures are necessary to protect his friends and to prove to the rest of the criminal underworld that he is indeed the Master of the House.