August 28, 2012

Machine of God by D. A. MetrovThe story of a Leonardo da Vinci airship that could have changed history! MACHINE OF GOD chronicles the little-known journey of Leonardo da Vinci’s Macchina Fantastica, the ingenious trade vessel he designed and built for King Louis XI of France which, against all odds, traversed the land, sea, and air between Naples and Paris, only to fall into a pile of ashes within a mile of its destination. This rollicking, yet intelligent yarn will appeal to boys (of all ages), and the women who love them. Readers looking for the best Young Adult Fantasy and particularly Steampunk fiction books will want to take note: D. A. Metrov not only writes with passion and sensual detail, but with a wink to current day issues. His heroic characters are defenders of Mother Nature. On a deeper level, they have an innate alliance with a mysterious, Spiritual Force—the same Force that created the Universe. Metrov’s unique blend of epic fantasy, steampunk, fantastic Renaissance inventions, and metaphysics draws the reader ever deeper into a remarkable new realm of historical fantasy literature. His background as a film director, screenwriter, and fine arts painter add fresh cinematic scope to his unique brand of young adult storytelling. If you love anything Renaissance, or historical fiction, J.R.R. Tolkein, LORD OF THE RINGS, dragon stories, steampunk, compelling characters, strong female counterparts, and wicked, mechanical inventions, you will very likely add MACHINE OF GOD to your best young adult fiction list.

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