February 2012

Journey to Pirate's Cove by Arabella WyattLady Mechatronic and the Steampunked Pirates: Book 2

Fleeing the persecution of a rogue admiral, Captain James Hartwell must reluctantly embrace the life of a pirate if he and his crew are to survive on the Caribbean Sea. Unfortunately, England has just declared war on piracy. Regrettably, Hartwell has two crews on one ancient, rotten galleon, some of whom don’t agree with his principles. Alarmingly, some of his crew are developing inexplicable powers after accidental exposure to advanced technology. Disastrously, a silver woman has fallen from the sky and landed on the captain’s heart.

Hesitant of his new role in life, afraid of the emotions that Lady Mechatronic can stir in him, and uncertain who in his new crew is trustworthy, Hartwell must navigate the Caribbean Sea, human intrigue, and cyborg attraction.

Can Hartwell avoid the mutineers, the navy, rival pirates, and his own feelings? Or is he sunk whichever way he turns?

The second book in a brand new steampunk/pirate mash up.

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