Heya! I’m D. Lieber.
Thanks so much for stopping in for my blog takeover event.
Welcome to my first post, where I introduce myself.
So…yeah…I’m D. Lieber. Done.

Hehe just kidding.

Okay, so I’m an urban fantasy author who doesn’t like to stay in her lane. That means I jump into other genres without warning. Not only that, but I tend to world-hop quite a bit.

What am I like IRL? Take a nice calming cup of chamomile tea, then pour a shot of espresso into it. Does that sound gross? Let me go try it real quick…

Yep. That pretty much covers it. Sometimes I’m super chill, and other times I’m quivering with barely restrained excitement.

I love simple pleasures and deep thoughts. I love arguments with passionate and open-minded people. But what I love most is to travel. I’ve been all over the world. London, Paris, Canada, Russia, just to name a few. I get a little itchy if I’m not planning my next trip. Needless to say—but I’m going to say it anyway—that particular passion of mine hasn’t been indulged thanks to the pandemic.

So I go back to my simple pleasures. Tea, hiking, reading. Did I say tea? I’ll say it again. Tea. One thing is for sure as of late, I’ve had more than enough time to catch up on my K dramas and Bollywood, though anime is sort of slipping through the cracks.

But what about steampunk? Oh, this is much too short a space to talk about my relationship with steampunk, so I’ll do that in an entirely different post.

I’ll also tell you all about my steampunk faerie tales and my new dieselpunk release, which comes out today! *cue kazoo*

In any case, I’m really boring. I’d rather sit in the shade of a tree on a chilly autumn day than go to a party. I’d rather talk with one person on a deeper level than meet a whole bunch of people at once. But you better believe I’ll be at that rock concert or baseball game.

I’m not shy. I’m an extrovert for sure (I know that breaks author norms, but what can you do?) So, don’t hold back. Ask me whatever you like in the comments, and I’ll be sure to answer back.

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