July 2012

In the Queen's Service by Michelle KopraShimmy and Steam: Book Three

The Gypsy.

A steampunk airship of belly dancers travel to the courts of european kings and queens, dancing for their suppers. However Lady C, Lilly, Gertie, Penny, and Sera are more than just dancers, they are spies for Queen Victoria and the British Empire!

This is book three in the Shimmy and Steam series.

When Lady Gertrude first joined The Gypsy, she was glad to escape the horrid nuns and her prison in the french covent. She vowed she would turn over a new leaf and prove herself to Lady C, the queen, and her parents.

Unfortunately for her, almost as soon as she boarded The Gypsy, she met Lord Barkley. The man with the cold eyes and teasing smile makes her melt, and want to give to her desires. But her fear of returning to the convent is stronger, for now…

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