I’m so excited to be back for a visit at the Steampunk at Coffee Time Romance and More blog. I’m here today to share news about the latest release in my Steampunk Fairy Tale world. Howls and Hallows is part of the Steampunk Red Riding Hood series. In this series, Agent Clemeny Louvel, aka Little Red, works for Her Majesty’s Red Cape Society. Her job is to police the werewolves living in Victorian London. This Little Red Riding Hood is definitely not afraid of the werewolves of London. In this recent release, Clemeny is sent to investigate a haunting at Cabell Manor. Something is howling on the moor, but it may not be what Clemeny thinks!

Novel Description:

You’re invited to the All Hallows Ball.
*Werewolves prohibited.

Busy tracking down thieving werewolves in London, Clemeny is surprised when Edwin asks her to lead a new case in the Fenlands of east England.

The Cabell family is haunted by a curse. Something in the misty moors surrounding Cabell Manor has come howling just days before the exclusive All Hallows Ball. How gauche. But London’s best agent is on the case.

Clemeny soon finds herself learning the ropes of polite society while hunting an apparition on the foggy fens. She’ll need to solve the case quickly if she hopes to be the belle–not the bruiser–of the ball.

Continue Clemeny’s adventures in Howls and Hallows, a Halloween-themed tale. Journey to gaslamp London in the 19th century in this steampunk retelling of the classic Red Riding Hood fairy tale by New York Times bestselling author Melanie Karsak.

About the Steampunk Fairy Tales

My steampunk fairy tales are a fun new twist on fairy tale classics. All my fairy tale heroines, Isabelle (Beauty), Elyse (Elsa), Rapunzel, Alice (Alice in Wonderland), Clemeny, and more exist in my steampunk world. In this twist, the supernatural are alive and well in gaslamp England, and each of my heroines has a brush with the unknown.

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