The Clocks of LondonInterview With The Clocks of London Author Pamela Lyn

The cover of Pamela Lyn’s The Clocks of London (2014, Gryy Brown Press) really pops and it immediately caught my interest. It features a snazzy submarine, a subterranean/water setting, and a determined-looking heroine. Therefore, what better excuse than a cool cover to invite the author to my steampunk café so we can learn more about it?!

To catch you up to speed, here’s the blurb for THE CLOCKS OF LONDON:

Moira Gear is tired of being ignored. After years of begging to join her brother’s investigative firm, she’s off to seek her fortunes in the great tunnels of Water London. She’s needed here, even if no one else thinks so. Street children are disappearing every day, but only she appears to notice. That leaves just one option – save them and, in the process, establish herself as private investigator.

Patrick Clock is THE investigator of the well heeled in Water London and all surrounding hubs. Taking only the best cases, he’s earned quite the laudable reputation among both the municipal force and the common citizens. He wants nothing other than to focus on his work, but while out on a call, he spies a woman with a remarkable eye and a talent for trouble. What choice does he have but to follow her?

Their plans didn’t exactly involve each other, yet Patrick and Moira find themselves tangled in a web of danger and lies. As their temporary partnership tumbles dangerously close to love, they must each find the courage to save the waters of London and each other.


And now for my interview with Pamela Lyn!

Heather: What are three little-known facts about Pamela Lyn?

Pamela Lyn: Hmm, let’s see. How about a little game of two truths and a lie?

I’ve never ridden a bicycle.

I grew up on a nature reserve in Angola.

I still own a first generation iPod.

Heather: Tell us about the setting for your Waters of London series. What kind of world can readers expect?

Pamela: I love Victorian England and the huge differences between what society said of itself and what newspapers revealed. I took all the social mores, all the rules of propriety and the grime of the streets, then placed them in a world of tunnels beneath the waves.

Heather: What inspired you to write this series?

Pamela: Pinterest! No, seriously. A pin popped up of an underwater hotel and it was all over. Done!

Heather: The Clocks of London description hints at a mix of genres. How many would you say there are altogether?

Pamela: This never occurred to me while writing it, but as I sent the book around for reviews, folks labeled it as Romance, Victorian, Alternative History, Mystery, Steampunk and Sci-Fi. I’m just thrilled that each person was able to see their favorite genre within the book.

Heather: How would you describe the romance dynamic between Moira Gear and Patrick Clock?

Pamela: LOL, cute. It’s the love she wants, when she’s ready for it. She met him as a child, but I didn’t want her agency diminished by that. Therefore, the romance doesn’t properly begin until she’s a woman who has chosen her own path. He doesn’t make her journey and he’s not the goal – he’s there to walk the path with her.

Heather: On a scale of 1-10, please rate the story’s action-adventure quotient.

Pamela: 8721x infinity. More or less. Basic math, obvs.

Heather: Outside of steampunk, what’s your favorite book/TV show/film featuring investigators?

Pamela: You must not judge me for this. I mean it. Ok…*deep sigh*…the show Simon and Simon. I was a kid when it first came out and only now understand its true glory. You mad?

Heather: What kind of doctor will readers meet in The Doctor of London?

Pamela: I told this story to my newsletter subscribers, but I’d love to share it here. So, after The Clocks of London released, I received email after email asking for more of the hero’s foster brother, Doctor Kennerick. I couldn’t say no. I cleared my schedule, wrote nonstop, then begged my editor to make time for it.

Heather: The covers feature nifty submarines. Is there any Captain Nemo-style underwater journeys in the books?

Pamela: All of London exists below the water’s surface. Sure, there are above water jungles (places like Persia and Arabia), but most of the world exists in series of tunnels.  Most capitals are really city hubs and to get from one country to another, one needs to take a submarine from one collection of tunnels to the next. That’s how Moira’s journey begins.

Heather: If you could have any steampunk device you wanted, what would it be?

Pamela: Easy. An HG Wells style time machine. I’d then go to the future, discover police boxes and make my time machine look like one.

Heather: Do you have any plans for future tales in this series?

Pamela: Well, the good Doctor does have a sister…

Heather: Where can readers find you?









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