Extra Steamy Steampunk Romances

There’s erotic steampunk romance, and then there’s steampunk romances with lots of sex even if the couple’s sexual journey isn’t the entire focus of the story. Or wait, does that really mean such stories are erotic steampunk romances in disguise?

Some steampunk romances walk a fine line between being steamy and erotic, especially when they go to a certain length to establish an intriguing setting. There can be a heavy focus on the physical attraction, sexual tension, and so on without quite becoming a romance that’s developed purely through sexual means. But when a couple starts having so much sex they seem to be oblivious about the possibility of danger lurking around the corner, I start wondering if the story has thwarted my expectations.

The presence of steampunk elements an external plot, such as defeating a villain or going on a quest, inevitably creates a hybrid story. When a romance only has one or two sex scenes, categorization is pretty straightforward. In steamier steampunk romances, I find the narrative often alternates regularly between a couple’s physical relationship and saving the day or completing the mission. And if they start getting really hot and heavy, lines are blurred regarding defining the overall story.

In a way, it comes down to finding information about various books and learning which directions they lean towards. If detailed worldbuilding and/or an external plot is important to someone, I’d know to recommend a title with less frequent sex scenes, or books that deliver an external plot and sexy times in equal measure. Conversely, for readers who prefer a focus on a couple’s physical attraction, I’d recommend stories where an external plot is on the light side in favor of couple time.

For this post, I’m presenting three steampunk romances that in my opinion fall squarely on the steamy side. Are they at the erotic level? To be honest, I’m not sure. It’s more than possible given the number and nature of the sexual encounters, but ultimately your mileage may vary.

A Captain and a Corset by Mary WineA Captain and a Corset (Steam Guardians #2) by Mary Wine features heroine Sophia Stevenson, who begins the story as a steampunk wormhole “Navigator” in training. Captain Bion Donkova is also a navigator and his duty is to train Sophia. Both are members of the Illuminists, a secret society whose goal is to thwart the evil plans of a rival organization known as the Helikeians. The story takes place in an alternate history England and Russia.

Despite the globe-hopping, danger, and general derring-do, the hero and heroine have plenty of time to act on their burgeoning attraction. Sophia and Bion set the bar as far as getting it on even as the villains are banging down the door. If you’re a reader who prefers a tight focus on the lusty couple, then this sexually charged story might be up your alley.

In The Iron Heart by Leslie Dicken, heroine Ella Wilder investigates the death of her beloved cousin. A killer is loose on the streets of London, and she must team up with Bennett Pierce, a brooding nobleman inventor, in order to catch the perpetrator. The Iron Heart’s sizzling romance edges toward an erotic heat level. Ella’s bold nature and her luscious curves unleash the libido of the dark and tortured hero. Smoldering glances and raw fantasies pack the middle part of this story. I would characterize The Iron Heart as having heavy sexual tension throughout.

Anitra Lynn McLeod’s Far From Human is an m/m steampunk romance featuring an inventor named Jonathan P. Quiverbotton. He longs for a companion, so he rents a sex bot (in essence, a steampunk cyborg) with the intent of studying it in order to build one like it for himself. However, Marcus isn’t all that he seems. The overall tone is playful and the erotic encounters between Jonathan and Marcus are a main thrust (!) of the story. The romance aspect is strong and there’s a palpable chemistry between the heroes.

If you’d like to recommend a steamy steampunk romance, hit me up!

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