January 7, 2013
Halloween Jack and the Curse of Frost by M. Todd GallowglasSeven years to the moment of when the Devil and his minions sprang the trap with their steam-powered automatons on the line of Jack of the Lantern, sparking off the events which lead to John O’Brien transforming himself into the legend of Halloween Jack, the Devil strikes again. Once again, the darkest and vilest creature in all creation seeks to open the Devil’s Gate once and for all, allowing for all the legions of the dark realm free to roam any night of the year they wish.
What is the Curse of Frost, and what does it have to do with the family line of Jack of the Lantern. Halloween Jack and his cousins must learn what this means and how to stop the Devil before the sun sets on Christmas Eve, or mankind may lose just enough hope to give the Dark One enough power to escape his Dark Realm forever.
The Halloween Jack books are part swashbuckling adventure, part steampunk fantasy… with more than a dash of Irish Mythology mixed in, just to make things interesting. If you enjoy stories with clever and cunning heroes, Halloween Jack is a hero for you!