April 4, 2014

Gypsy Soul by J C GordonSet in a world of Aircars, Nanotechnology, & Steampunk fashion, Gypsy Delansky is beautiful, sassy, and determined to be as unique as possible. Living on the outskirts of society, she is highly respected as one of the top two pilots on the Fringe Racing scene, and the main contender to take the championship title back from her arch nemesis, Jaxom Sinclair. For seven years she had pitted her wits against ‘The Dragon’, both of them employing as many dirty tricks against the other in a bid to win each race. But the season is almost over, and the healthy rivalry between Gypsy and Jaxom is about to come to a head.

What secret is Gypsy hiding from everyone except her robotic companion Tinman? Why does this year feel so final, as if it will be the last she ever matches wits with Jaxom again? Why does a secret from Jaxom’s past threaten to change both his and Gypsy’s worlds forever? As danger stalks, Gypsy can’t deny that her feelings for ‘The Dragon’ have grown into love. Nor can she avoid having to chose between revealing her secret or losing Jaxom forever.

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