Janette Aston is fascinated by all things scientific, and couldn’t care less that her thirst for knowledge is regarded as unladylike by Victorian society. Enthralled by the Illuminists, a group of individuals committed to scientific discovery, she sneaks into their headquarters and is caught by Darius Lawley, an Illuminist Guardian. The attraction between the two is instant and magnetic. When the Illuminists realize Janette is a rare Pure Spirit who can harness the power of crystals, she’s targeted by a rival society, the Helikeians. It’s up to Darius to protect her for the sake of science and love.

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What does Steampunk mean to you?

Mary Wine's Steampunk

It’s Victorian Sci-fi. A wonderful opportunity to add some touches to the age of elegance. I love to pen a good historical but I’m also a science fiction geek. It was a match made in heaven.

What is your favorite thing about steampunk or writing about steampunk?

Being able to work within the Victorian society. It was complex and fascinating. They adored their rules and part of me just wanted the chance to create my own secret society.

What is your favorite steampunk accessory?

Oh….that’s hard. I gave my Illuminist society lots of things and they are all really nifty.

 What turned you on to steampunk

I’ve always enjoyed the Victorian era. In fact, I have several bustle gowns I wear often. But their strict code of conduct for lady’s made it hard to set a story in the time. Steam Punk offered me the opportunity to keep what I loved of the period and make a love story work.

Do you have any upcoming Steampunk stories you can tell us about?

A Lady can never be too curious- This book has released and is the beginning of my Steam Punk saga.

Beneath the surface of Victorian life lies a very different world…

Hated and feared by the upper classes, the Illuminists guard their secrets with their lives. Janette Aston’s insatiable quest for answers brings her to their locked golden doors, where she encounters the most formidable man she’s ever met.

Darius Lawley’s job is to eliminate would-be infiltrators, but even he may be no match fo Janette’s cunning and charm…

Who is your favorite character of all from one of your Steampunk stories?

I love them all. Ending a book is the hardest for me because I have to say good-bye.

What’s the hardest thing about creating a Steampunk universe?

For me, making it make sense. Janette is still a Victorian woman. I don’t want her to be a twenty first century gal dressed up in a bustle. She needs to think the way her sisters would have.

What’s the easiest thing about creating a Steampunk universe?

The clothing. I love historical dress.

What does steampunk allow you to do as a writer that no other genres can?

To create my own society.

What are the challenges and advantages to writing a steampunk story?

The challenge is getting people to pick it up. Many of my readers didn’t even want to try it. But it is still a good historical.

How much research does it take and how much imagination.

A ton of research but that is ongoing in my life and sort of my hobby.

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Watch for Mary’s next release in May of 2013

Airship Captain Bion Donkova has devoted his life to enhancing his navigational powers. When he discovers Sophia Stevenson has inadvertently received the gift of every captain’s dreams—the rare and powerful root crystal—he is just about ready to throw her overboard.

Sophia’s not so enchanted with her newfound powers—especially when she becomes the target of a corrupt airship deadset on using her powers for evil. When Sophia goes missing, Captain Bion drops his grudge and thunders to her rescue. Once the two are free of danger, it doesn’t take long before old grudges return, tempers flare, and red-hot passion ignites.


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