January 7, 2014

Gilded Hearts by Christine D'AboA Shadow Guild Novel

Piper Smith is an Archivist, one   who extracts memories from the dead—and her first job is more difficult than she   ever imagined. Not only is her subject the victim of murder, but the first man   to arrive on the scene is the last man she ever expected to see again: handsome,   tormented, and devilishly sexy Samuel Hawkins. Years ago, he fled the   Archivists’ Guild unceremoniously, leaving behind both unanswered questions . .   . and Piper’s aching heart.

Sergeant Samuel Hawkins of the   King’s Sentry can hardly believe the strong, beautiful woman before him is the   same shy girl he once knew. His instincts scream to hold her, to kiss her, and   to make amends for disappearing from the Archives—and her life. Yet when Piper’s   extraction of the victim’s memories reveals something unsettling, the line   between ally and enemy suddenly begins to blur. And the question becomes whether   their fragile love will blossom or fade like a distant memory.

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