January 31, 2014

Gertrude & GraceNull Paradox Trilogy:  Book 1

Two high school girls, one with a damaged soul and the other who contains the light of life, face the ultimate question. Gertrude and Grace must make a choice: will they choose between Love or their Destiny?  Their lives depend on their decision and so does their world’s.

What is Null Paradox?

Null Paradox is the project that encompasses the story of Gertrude and Grace’s struggle to choose. Their story is told through a:
 Book:  Gertrude & Grace
 Music album:  Gertrude & Grace
 Live show:  Gertrude & Grace—Live

Throughout your life, you’ll make 35 million conscious decisions.

You’ll live for two billion seconds.

And only one decision will count:  will you choose the Love of your life (orange) or your Destiny (purple)?