January 2013

Engines & Empires: A Steampunk Survival Guide by Isaac StoneWizard. Warrior. Cleric.

This book is your guide across vast empires.

Artificer. Tinkerer. Pioneer.

This book is your blueprint and your map.

Bard. Assassin. Thief.

This book holds secret stories and the keys to every door.

The Green Age has ended, and the kingdoms claw their way back from the brink of apocalypse. Mutants and monsters raid the fringes while the walled cities of civilization are connected by railroads that spill from the maw of Blackwater Station. The enigmatic trainmen wander the rails, following threads of conspiracy and magic to ends both savage and divine. Mercenaries battle horrific beasts of flesh and iron in the sewer maze beneath Uroborous while clockwork zombies prepare for war in the crypts of the Lychking. Political intrigue covers the land as merchants and nobles play the game of thrones, while the streets are ruled by violence, magic, and machines.

New Mooring is an artificial island city of bedazzlement and mystery. Where pirates, merchants, and adventurers make their livings among its crowded streets, bountiful marketplaces, and thriving ports. It is both a hub of commerce and culture, and the root of an ancient evil long forgotten. Anything is possible and everything can be had, for a price. Hide your purse and wear your sword at your side, there be a storm brewing.

The Skyships are the ancient remnants of the great city of Armantua. They are flying warships that share a symbiotic relationship with their various crews of stalwart heros, inquisitive explorers, and hard bitten raiders. Respected by many, feared by some, coveted by all.