Elia Winters avatarHi, all! I’m Elia Winters, and I’m so happy to be here on the blog today. I’m a fat, tattooed, polyamorous bisexual woman, and I love petting cats and fighting the patriarchy (sometimes at the same time). I write geeky, kinky, cozy erotic romance, and I also review sex toys. In addition, I like gaming, baking, crafting, and binging TV shows, as well as gallivanting around outdoors. I love travel, and I can’t wait to get back to it after the pandemic has eased. Western Massachusetts is where I call home, and I live here with my fabulous husband and a couple of weird pets. You can find me on my website and newsletter, as well as on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and now TikTok

I’m grateful for the Coffee Time Romance folks for having me on the blog today! I’ll be popping in a few times throughout the day to talk about my love of steampunk and my history with the genre, as well as a bit about the spirit behind my recent book, Combustion.

About Combustion

I’m here on the blog for my steampunk erotic romance Combustion, which is both my most recent book and also one of my earliest books. The first edition of Combustion was published by Samhain Publishing back in 2015, which feels like a lifetime ago. When Samhain went out of business, the rights to my book reverted back to me. 

It was wild to revisit the book after all these years away. I loved the first edition, but I also wanted to update it: I’ve become a better writer, for one, and I also wanted to clarify some intimate scenes where I don’t feel like consent was clear enough. I found myself cutting, rewording, and polishing, really getting into the heart of the story I wanted to tell. While the characters and narrative didn’t change, I feel like the delivery of the story is even stronger now. 

And can we talk about this cover?

Combustion cover, which includes two hot people in a clinch, gears, and a very steampunk aesthetic

My original cover for Combustion was beautiful, but I needed something new for the republication. (The author doesn’t get the rights to the art when the publisher closes down.) Erin Dameron-Hill of EDH Graphics did a gorgeous job getting the aesthetic just right for this piece, and I love how it turned out.

Combustion is on sale through Amazon, B&N, Kobo, Apple Books, and Google Play.

I’d love to say hi to folks, so please drop me a comment below! I’ll be back in a little while with a new post.