November 2011

With London on the verge of revolution, Phoebe follows her husband, Seth, and their dear friend, Gavin, to Edinburgh in order to barter with Scotland’s Am Freiceadan.

Famous for her herbal elixirs, Phoebe offers her newest drink, Sanctis, in exchange for weapons and men to help the Cause, a movement trying to end the suffering of the poor and a revolution the Secret Service are determined to put an end to it. But all goes terribly wrong when Seth is caught in an explosion, and believed to be dead.

Distraught with grief, Phoebe barely survives his death, but pregnant with Seth’s child, Gavin helps her through her darkest days, their friendship turning to love.

However, Seth is not dead. Kidnapped by the Secret Service, Seth is forced to work on a tinkering capable of destroying the revolution and thousands of lives in its wake.

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