November 20, 2014

Demon in Steam by Lexi OstrowAlliance of Silver and Steam Prequel

In the London Underground the Alliance of Silver and Steam is all that protects humans from demons.

Felicia Ganon is no stranger to the demons that lurk in the night. After her parents were murdered in front of her the Alliance took her in and trained her. Vengeance became her only drive.

Greyston Westham is more than just the devilishly handsome Captain of the Guard. He’s an Incubus Demon who hunts his own kind because they have no use for lesser demons like himself.

When a murderer is running lose that only the Alliance can deal with Felicia and Greyston are thrown together in a deadly game. Can she overcome her hatred of demons and give into the relationship that will save her life? Or will Felicia’s hatred be her doom.