September 24, 2014

TDeath on the Chalk Stream by Mario Vacchihe Copulist Capers:  Book 1

If Gottfried Leibnitz had published his work on binary numbers and if Charles Babbage had read it, if Prince Albert had lived to a ripe old age and Queen Victoria not become an embittered widow, the late 19th century might have turned out like this…

Roger Merely is a man with a frightening intelligence

Blessed with an unparalleled level of intelligence and astuteness for science, Roger Merely is on the verge of a discovery that would forever change the face of Europe.

Mia La Touche is a woman who can match him in every way… and then some

A Copulist by upbringing, Mia has embraced a life of passionate pleasures. But more than just a pretty face, her own intelligence has attracted the attention of the leading researchers of Europe–including Roger Merely.

Their paths come together in a burst of lust and passion, but danger looms all around.

It’s only inevitable that the two of them come together through their shared love for knowledge and carnal pleasures. But when they receive an invitation from Edward, Lord Bohun and Visicount Venture of Brasethwaite Castle, Yorkshire for a month in the countryside, they’ll find themselves pulled into something that is far bigger than any of them–something that none of them are truly prepared to face.