December 2011

Steve Hughes and Luke Jones know they like each other, but they’re not too sure if their cosplay characters will get along at all. At EscapeCon Steve becomes Captain Emerson Langdon-Hughes, a military inspired Steampunk captain. Luke Jones becomes Lucas Pickett, an authority-hating shopkeeper who will only deal with customers of rank because he wants their money. For most customers that means a few teasing comments, but for Steve’s Captain there might be something special in store.

When Steve finds a particularly wonderful treasure among Luke’s items he’s eager to pay top dollar. Luke, however, won’t even discuss the matter, taking the turquoise cufflinks out of sight and all but kicking Steve out of the storefront. What’s so special about them? And if Captain Langdon-Hughes can’t get along with Lucas Pickett, what does that mean for Steve and Luke?

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