February 2, 2013

D-Day of the Dead by John SaloniaNight Spawn 3


While investigating a simple case of grave-robbing, the lovely and lethal secret agent code-named the Wanderer stumbles across a bizarre experiment in reanimation conducted by a warped scientist named Stregeş – an authentic genius with an equally authentic hatred of the British Empire.

The hunt for Dr. Stregeş takes the Wanderer from the dark and dangerous Parisian streets, where the Undead are not the only predators prowling the night, to the sunny slopes of the Alps where a carnivorous terror stalks its prey.

Crossing paths with such Victorian notables as Fu Manchu, H. G. Wells, Dorian Gray, Sir Harry Flashman, Oscar Wilde, Bram Stoker, Jack the Ripper, Mark Twain, Lillie Langtry and George Bernard Shaw, the Wanderer unearths a secret conspiracy to enslave humanity. The linchpin of the evil cabal’s plan is the downfall of England – a goal to which the vengeful Dr. Stregeş has devoted his vast wealth and considerable genius.

All of this very special agent’s powers and abilities are pushed to the limit when a ravenous – and lustful – army of the living dead invades gaslit London. Behind the carnage is her ancient enemy, the immortal sorcerer Charles Haddon, an ambitious man in thrall to dark powers he barely comprehends.

Can a remorseful vampire who must constantly fight her own bloodlust stop the zombie horde in time? Or will her own dark nature overpower her as the world falls to the talons of the living dead?