October 2012

Curse Breaker by Berkley KerrGuild Assassin

Welcome to the 500 Realms, a place where men and women dress their finest, airships buzz overhead like giant bees, the smell of oil fills the air, and everyone can hear the clattering of cogs or the clicking of clockwork. A place where shortly after the turn of the twentieth century, any country with enough power and wealth could colonize any Earth-like planet , thanks to humanity’s greatest technological innovation: The Realm Gates.
Wendy Braca, a teen with a troubled past finds herself falsely accused of murder, and sent to live at Greenleaf Asylum for Troubled Girls—a place that would forever change her life.
Enter the world of The Guild Assassins. A violent and secretive world comprised of super humans known as Mage, who possess powers that enable them to control speed, as well as the power to control beasts with their thoughts. The Curse Breaker, the most powerful of all Mages alone has the ability to become immune to any disease or poison, and absorb another Mage’s magic. She dies only to return in another form just as powerful as the last. Enchanted by the world of The Assassin Guilds, Wendy accepts their training, and discovers that her life has a purpose—if not mindful of her actions, she could end up a cold-blooded killer. Although her journey is not quite clear, her main purpose is certain: To find and settle a score with a dangerous killer.