March 13, 2013

Crystal Heart by Meg KingstonChrystal is a 188-year-old, bisexual cyborg vampire. Apart from that, she’s just your average Steampunk.

London, 1851. A young Victorian lady is stabbed and left for dead, but rescued by a group of Tibetans who came to London for the Great Exhibition. They replace her damaged heart with the Chrystal Vitalis, a gem believed to have life-giving properties. This not only saves her life, but prolongs it to the point that she’s still alive in the 21st Century where she passes as a Steampunk to explain her idiosyncratic taste in clothing and old-fashioned speech. Educated in clockwork, steam power, and what modern science dismisses as “ætheric mysticism”, she may be the only person who can save our 21st Century world.