June 4, 2014

Clockwork Wings:  Part 2 by Stacy & Jennifer BuckClockwork Wings:  Part 2

High flying Steampunk action-adventure awaits in Clockwork Wings: the Chronicles of Icarus Part 2. Minos plots against Daedalus and his family, the god of the underworld Hades seeks to claim a kingdom of his own on the surface world, and Icarus flies for his life to escape the clutches of King Minos and his fleet of airships.

Clockwork Wings is steampunk meets greek mythology in an action adventure series unlike anything you’ve seen before. Follow Icarus and Theseus as they battle dark forces of the Greek underworld in a previously untold sequel thousands of years in the making. Go back to B.C. with us in a time when Greek Gods ruled and heroes were made to defy them.

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